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O Thou Whose Face
Is The Object Of
My Adoration

The Source Of
All Learning

Busy Not

Matthew Levine Matthew Levine

Born in Santa Monica California. Studied piano for 7 years since I was 9 yeras old, played in some rock bands, moved to Hollywood, took miscellaneous music courses, concentrated on songwriting, recorded "Sushi in the Kremlin" and "The 'We' Generation" and released as a cassette single (early '80's), later co-produced "Artists For The Arc" with K.C. Porter (late '80's), had "Sushi in the Kremlin" released in Germany on the German soundtrack album of the movie "Mystic Pizza" which the German's translated to "Pizza Pizza" (there's no rules in the music biz), recorded a collection of songs, "The Big Idea", and in '95 revamped "The Big Idea" (added new songs and took out a few others) and recorded "A Sacrifice To Thee" which is now distributed by the Baha'i Publishing Trust in England, the Baha'i Distributions Service in the U.S., and Special Ideas in the U.S.

In 1992 I went to Platt College of Graphic Design in Los Angeles (a 10 month crash course) and then worked miscellaneous jobs. A year later I created the Baha'i Calling Cards (full-color business card sized) and last year, with my wife Jia-Yi's help, I designed a 1997 Baha'i Chinese/English callendar.

I married Jia-Yi Cheng (now surnamed Cheng-Levine) on January 6, 1996. She has just gotten her Ph.D. in American Literature and graduates on May 10, 1997. We will almost emediately be moving to Houston, Texas where she got a job teaching at the University of Houston Downtown.

We are very excited about being Baha'is and hope to find unique ways of serving the Faith in the future.

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