Marcia Coburn

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Abdul-Baha (front view)
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Marcia Coburn

Since my childhood I have felt ever growing thankfulness for the gifts of sight, hearing, and all those senses which enable us to savour and be inspired by the beauties of the world, and the creativeness of our fellow human beings.

These great joys led me to love music and become a singer in a small way in years past. Now, as an arthritic octogenarian I can still enjoy painting, but had to forgo sculpting - my first love - in the late seventies through arthritis of my hands.

Now I try to paint anything that moves me, and inspires me, from life, memory, or imagination. Since becoming a Baha'i, the teachings have of course influenced and inspired me directly or indirectly.

The only art training was given me by my gifted art teacher in my school days.

During my marriage I taught art in schools and a college in the 1950s up till the end of that decade. After this I became a pioneer Art Therapist, and vice-chairman of BAAT (British Association of Art Therapists) in the late 1960s so gaining my only qualification of R.A.Th (Registered Art Therapist). This was before there was any official training for the profession.

I had little time for my own work during those years. But during the past few years I have produced a quantity of framed and mounted water colour and mixed media paintings.

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