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Breath of Tranquility Light of Glory Ascent

Malcolm Dedman

Everlasting Melodies
Malcolm Dedman

The composer, Malcolm Dedman, was born in 1948 in London. In addition to learning piano, violin, singing and conducting, he was taught composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. He has won several awards for music written in a contemporary idiom and has had several performances at major venues which were well received by both audiences and critics.

Malcolm was brought up in the Christian Faith, although often questioned why the teachings of different churches were not compatible. In 1984, he discovered that the Baha'i Faith was prophesied by all the major religions and recognises them all as one religion. His declaration into the Faith also marked a turning point in his music; much of it expresses aspects of the Faith and his style was simplified.

More recently, Malcolm has further changed direction in his musical style. Again inspired by the Holy Writings and Prayers of the Baha'i Faith and having acquired a state-of-the-art electronic keyboard, he is now concentrating on music that can in some way benefit mankind spiritually. This latest style is both very relaxing and inspiring for the listener and Malcolm sees it as leading the direction that music is very likely to take after the year 2000.

The first completed project in this phase is a cassette entitled Everlasting Melodies, for which he is writing under the pseudonym Talisman. The cassette contains the above three pieces written for the electronic keyboard. All these are designed to communicate to the listener without sacrificing any sense of musical integrity.

For further details, contact Pentland Music, 27 Pentland Avenue, Thornbury, BS12 2YB, United Kingdom.

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